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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Club Tie Dye allow birthday parties or big groups?

Birthday parties are offered from 11am-1pm on Saturday or by reservation only. Please contact us at to plan your party


Big groups: $10/person if you are bringing your own shirts. 15 person minimum. 

I want to bring in my own item but it’s not a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Is that allowed? How much will it cost?

It is allowed! We just ask that you make sure it is at least 50% cotton before bringing it in.

The base studio fee is $15, if the item is larger and requires more supplies, there will be an additional fee

Do you have anything to protect clothes from the dye?

Yes! We provide painters coats to wear to protect your clothes, and provide gloves for your hands. 

When do I get my shirt? 

You will take your shirt home with you! We will provide a Ziploc bag and rinse instructions for you to take home to wash and wear!

  • If you would like us to wash it for you, we can for an additional $5 rinse fee.

Can I buy stuff that is already tie-dyed? 

Yes! We have a boutique with unique dyed items available for purchase

Do you offer any discounts for non-profit groups that want to tie dye as a group?

We are happy to support your efforts in building stronger and happier communities through art and creative group experiences.  We are happy to offer $10 per person for a Club Tie Dye bring-your-own tee group experience

*requirement of minimum of 10 people

      Just book online and make sure to include the name of your organization

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